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"In your life, you meet people. Some you never think about again. Some, you wonder what happened to them. There are some that you wonder if they ever think about you. And then there are some you wish you never had to think about again. But you do."

C.S. Lewis (via electric-wish)

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"You are gone & I have to remember
that you will never get to see me wearing
nothing but a peach sunrise & I will never
know what your lips taste like, never drag
my tongue like a pen outlining the V
of your pelvis & you will forget what
my voice sounds like, forget what you felt,
forget the fear, the pain, become brand new
with all your emptiness. I will not know
how you spend your days & you will check up
on me passively, hidden in shadows, the small
scent of regret still lingering on your clothes
& I will live loudly, at a volume I know you can hear,
so as to never lose touch completely & we will
move on, acting as if nothing ever happened,
& wondering why we never feel whole."

Moriah Pearson, when soul mates walk in separate directions (via mooneyedandglowing)

"I’m sorry that
I only called after
drinking six cups of coffee,
but something about shaking
always reminds me of you."

Shaking The Thought of You Away | Lora Mathis (via lora-mathis)

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The summer I moved to Berkeley, I got a job
selling insurance door-to-door.
I’d walk through the winding lines
of pastel Dollhouses, not knocking, not selling,
just looking at all those families
that were not mine. Living a those lives
I’d never have.

In California there are huge grapefruit trees
right in peoples front yards.
For lunch, I picked the fruits off the sidewalk
and carried them to the little Spanish parks
with their rickety, ancient gazebos
and yelling children. I’d sit cross-legged in the grass
and split the pink flesh with my bare hands
devouring it like a heart.

That was the summer I wanted him to marry me so bad
I told everyone he asked when he didn’t.
I’m not saying that’s why I left.
The not saying doesn’t make it
any quieter.

The juice spilled over my hands so carelessly
it felt like betrayal. No one ever yelled at me for stealing.
Some things grow so easily
they demand to be given away.


The Grapefruit Poem, Clementine von Radics (via clementinevonradics)

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"Sometimes skulls are thick. Sometimes hearts are vacant. Sometimes words don’t work."

James Frey, A Million Little Pieces (via psych-facts)

"I’ve been lonely for a long time now, hoping anyone who I perceive as better than me will scoop me up on a night kite rescue mission and love me so hard that I can finally forget about this feeling left over from all the years my blood was boiling. Dear Gravel, it doesn’t work like that. If anyone ever loves you that hard, hard as you’ve been dreaming, chances are you will not believe them
until you accept yourself."

Buddy Wakefield, Start (via andreagoldston)

"Sometimes love and loss hold hands together."

Michael Faudet  

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i may not be your cup of tea but i’m your 10th shot of tequila

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"You touched me in places so deep
I wanted to ignore you."

Adrienne Rich, from The School Among The Ruins (via violentwavesofemotion)

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